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Pallet Design System (PDS)


PDS is a computer-aided design program that calculates the least expensive, most effective specifications for your pallet requirements.

In a nutshell, we can design a new or hybrid pallet that will save you money and that is durable enough to make sure your product gets to its destination. Oakland Pallet can provide a free analysis of a pallet to fit your product needs.


  • Saves Costs by choosing the right materials and design for your job, PDS ensures pallet efficiency and thus saves costs.
  • Is Versatile by creating pallets of all categories, designs, styles, constructions, and wood types.
  • Finds the Best Material with a wide variety of wood species from around the world. It considers any lumber grade, moisture content level, or current fastener type.
  • Ensures Pallet Performance by using a detailed description of the unit load and material handling conditions to accurately predict the pallet's load-bearing performance.
  • Models Real Scenarios by analyzing how a pallet would perform with any racking system and in stacking configurations up to five pallets high. It also highlights potential weaknesses in real-life conditions.
  • Improves Safety by recommending safety and design improvements to reduce or eliminate product damage, equipment shutdowns, pallet-related injuries, and legal liability.
  • PDS creates a six-page Design detailing the customer's requirements and allows customers to approve their pallet's design before its production.

(Only Word, Pdf and Text Files are Supported)