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Mission Statement

9BLOCTM's mission is to provide high quality, independently inspected shipping platforms to industry buyers on demand at the best prices and with the best service. Our overarching goal is to transform the U.S. pallet industry by providing a professional and competitive alternative to monolithic rental companies through a “virtual pool” that allows buyers to consistently purchase pallets of distinction from any 9BLOCTM provider in the nation.

9BLOCTM is a collaboration of pallet producers and recyclers joining together to compete in the global supply chain market by providing high performance block wooden pallets and seamless logistic services to a vast number of firm, spanning a broad spectrum of industries.


Ensures uniform, high performance standards for 48x40 stringer and block pallet quality to create Pallets of Distinction.

Coordinates third-party inspection services to ensure that 9BLOCTM pallets are strictly built or repaired to the 9BLOCTM pool standard.

Enables participating whitewood pallet providers to service customers who sell to national accounts such as large retailers and food and beverage manufacturers.

Develops and manages a web-based tracking and trading system via an industry specific proven software platform, so participating companies and their customers can track pallet movement through the system to identify and correct problems and to create sustained opportunity for profit.

Encourages free market pricing and flexible business models based on varying buyer/customer requirements.